College and Crown is one of the premier residential developments in downtown New Haven,


College and Crown 5
College and Crown 5

College and Crown 5
College and Crown 5


Attractive College And Crown Apartment Floor Plans

The College and Crown Apartment complex is located at 200 College St, New Haven, Connecticut, close to Yale University heading north, and the University of New Haven on the southwest. Further north are the Southern Connecticut State University and the Albertus Magnus College.

Four sets of the uniquely designed floor plans describe the entire apartment complex system of the attractive College and Crown Apartment Floor Plans. These apartment models range from Junior 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, and Loft Homes.

The Junior 1 Bedroom floor plan is composed of designated names like Residence S1, Residence S2, and Residence S3. The S1 apartment design model has a spacious living room area of 111.6 square feet, and a sleeping area of 80 sq ft. It is priced at $1,625.

The S2, with a larger living area of almost 162 sq ft and a bedroom area of about 85 sq ft is also installed with hardwood style flooring, one of the interior features of the Exceptional College and Crown Apartment Interior Design. The price range is $1,690 to $1,740.

The S3 has the largest living space area with 208.5 sq ft and a bedroom area of 85.14 sq ft with a price range of $1,690 to $1,750.

The standard one bedroom apartment models of the attractive College and Crown Apartment Floor Plans that are larger than the Junior 1 Bedroom residences have been assigned names such as: Residence A1, Residence A2, Residence A3, and Residence A4. The living room for the A1 is 317.52 sq ft with a bedroom area of 139.32 sq ft; while for the A4 is 300.44 and a master bedroom of 145.22 sq ft. Prices range from $1,770 to $2,190.

The 2-bedroom residence floor plan models include the Residence B1, B2, B3, and B4 designations that has a minimum of 271.32 sq ft for the living room, with 135+ sq ft for the master bedroom and 174.41 for the bedroom 2. The maximum area for the living room is about 158 sq ft and uniquely placed at the center, with a master bedroom of 164 sq ft and 165.39 for the bedroom 2. Prices range from $2,480 to $3,600. Residence B4 has a large balcony.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units are available within each residential unit of the attractive College and Crown Apartment Floor Plans. The compact bathroom enhances comfort with white tiles, white tub and toilet that contrasts with a relaxing navy blue wall, embellished by white and blue towels and an abstract painting.

The loft residences have four models, namely: Residence L1, L2, L4, and L5. The L1 has a living room, kitchen and dining area below, adjacent to a 98 sq ft sleeping area contiguous to a large bathroom. The loft area upstairs has a large den of 164.16 sq ft. Prices range from $2,370 to $4,445. You can visit site :